Thursday, February 16, 2006


I had to go home early today because my heart started racing at lunch and wouldn't calm down. Now, I do have something called inappropriate sinus tachycardia (uh, which means my heart beats really fast), but it doesn't usually bother me so bad I feel like I am going to come out of my skin, but today it did and I had to call it quits early this afternoon. I came home, took my BP which was about 140/100 with a HR of nearly 120 laying down. After 2 hours of resting and napping I finally got my BP down to near normal and my HR down to 90, which unfortunately is pretty normal for me. I changed my BP meds this week so I'm going to give the doc a call to see if these strange variations in BP and HR are something to be concerned about. All in all a miserable day, but beautiful, warm and sunny outside as a consolation.


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