Friday, September 18, 2009

heart and mind tired...

Whew...tired tonight. My body is dragging because my mind and soul are exhausted from worry. Mom spent a great day with loving friends, so that is comforting and wonderful.

I lost another job to a candidate with more experience, though I was in the top running. This time I am not upset, but relieved. I think right now my mom needs me and I am grateful for time to take care of her with surgery on the horizon.

I worked at the vet school today but the afternoon was quiet, which was probably good given my confused state of mind. The sun came out for a while this afternoon, but rain set in again later least we got a little sunshine to boost the spirits. That always helps.



Are you still painting? Is that at all therapeutic for you??

You know...I have four of your tiles lining my main hallway and they always put a smile on my face.


Aww, that's so nice of you to share. Yes, I have been painting more and it seems to be the only thing that really can make me feel calm. I am glad to be doing that again. Thank you for asking and I am so glad those little guys on your wall make you smile!! :-)

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