Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Well, that was quick...

I showed up at my new job after a little training, and found that I had no office, no phone, no computer, and no place to sit. Huh? Couldn't they have stuffed a desk in the corner of one of the meeting rooms or something?

It's a growing company and they do NOT have any of their processes down yet. Look, I'll be 45 friggin' years old in January. I know I'm not a seasoned social worker as of yet, but maybe a chair? Maybe a desk that could be shared that is not piled high with papers and charts? I was so disappointed. Constant interruptions in clinical work would have been the norm. I have never quit a job without staying a while, but at this age, I know the score and I was going to be taking Xanax by the end of the week. The gals there were sweet, but it was really going to be miserable for me as a professional.

I've always worked in very mature and professional offices and this was like being in someone's house with people yelling back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. Yes, I know I am spoiled, but I'm too old to be going that far backward. Perhaps my first clue was when I threw up in the middle of the night after my first day. I DO NOT throw up and have NEVER in my life vomited from being emotionally overwrought.

Apparently when I got laid off I had the only good social work job in the city. Maybe I'll just go back to marketing, be bored, and draw an easy paycheck.


Susan K.

Stuff happens. Don't give up...things will work out for you. The Fates have decreed it. And, yes, I'm in close contact with the Fates.


I'm glad someone is...

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly

Sorry the new job didn't work out. Everything happens for a good reason though. Hang in there!

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