Friday, February 29, 2008

Gherkin celebrates LeapYear by hanging out the window of her abode...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Geese need therapy too...

It looks like the geese want therapy today...this one apparently feels like he needs an individual session. He's been been waiting at the door for quite a while. Lest we forget he is on the waiting list he'll remind us by pecking on the glass from time to time...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chimney Peeps...

Mr Peepers getting some air...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

understanding the facts...

As far as the pit bull situation, I found this informative. It was posted by Chicago's veterinary association in response to their city's attempt to create breed specific legislation.
Frequently asked questions concerning the ban:

1) Are pit bulls really the most likely breed to bite?

The Center for Disease Control has reviewed national bite statistics and concludes from this data, no specific dog can be labeled the most aggressive, therefore statistics used to support breed bans are inappropriate.

2) I want to protect my child no matter what, how can you say that banning pit bulls won’t prevent future attacks?

Because all types of dogs can inflict injury, bans do not diminish violence. The bite statistics of individual cities that have banned pit bulls, such as Winnipeg, which has for 14 years, are not reduced, only changed in breed to German Shepherds and Rottweilers. CVMA wants to see legislation that will protect the public for years to come. http://www.doglegislationcouncilcanada.orgstatistics.html

3) Won’t this help reduce gang-related activities and even spare pit bulls from the abuse they suffer in related pit bull fighting circles?

The population that is responsible for breeding and training the aggressive pit bulls is underground. These criminals will simply go further underground or switch breeds to continue their elicit activity.

4) Why isn’t the simplest solution to all the recent pit bull attacks a breed ban?

Imposing a breed ban is extremely difficult for: 1) Identifying and differentiating from similar breeds/mixes; 2) High cost of support staff to uphold ban; 3) Loss of revenue to city from relocation of families refusing to relinquish pit bulls; 4) Creating an overwhelming burden on local shelters and neighboring cities to handle relinquished pit bulls. Some cities, such as Cincinnati, have even revoked their pit bull bans.

5) What is an alternative solution for breed bans?

Education on socialization, bite prevention, pet selection and pet responsibility are long-term reasonable solutions to enhance public safety. Stronger enforceable non-breed-specific dangerous dog laws, as well as leash laws, are also very important.

Pit Bull Ban Bill Pulled

'nuff said.

Friday, February 08, 2008

hanging in Charlotte today

One of downtown Charlotte's buildings

Monday, February 04, 2008

Back-asswards Pit Bull Laws

Because people simply cannot figure out the basic cause and effect phenomenon, we have two utterly moronic bills flopping around like dying fish in our legislature. The bill would ban pit bull dog ownership, period. Any dog deemed 50% or more pit bull would have to be relinquished by July 2008. And if you keep the dog, it is a misdemeanor.

Links: and

Nevermind that the owners are the problem. Nevermind education about responsible ownership. Nevermind enforcing responsible ownership. Let’s punish everyone for the stupid and irresponsible few. Let’s especially punish an entire breed of dog for ignorance in ownership. Let’s pretend dogfighting will be resolved by this. In fact, all the law abiding citizens with well-behaved pits will be relinquishing their animals while the people who are problematic keep theirs in a dingy basement on a chain.

Then what?

Then the stupid and irresponsible few will go out and find other, new dogs to neglect…maybe a German Shepherd, maybe a Doberman. Any dog can be made vicious and/or unstable.

We had a pit mix who was the meekest little dog on earth. We’ve had an aggressive beagle/lab mix we had to take to behavioral counseling because she wouldn’t give up the alpha spot.

I was attacked by two dogs in my life…a St. Bernard who thought I was a stranger in my friend’s house (she only ripped my shirt thanks to fast hands and a sturdy collar) and my piano teacher’s miniature poodle who managed to sink a fang tooth into my thigh. That dog hated me for some reason. I’ll never know why.

Without a doubt there are vicious dogs out there. Without a doubt there are A LOT of stupid, uneducated owners out there. Without a doubt there are pit bulls who are sweet and pit bulls who have a bad attitude. However, I think it is very rare to see an ill-tempered pit with a responsible owner.

Right down the street from me are two pit-mixes (probably more than 50% pit) who are chained up in a backyard. They receive little to no attention, their bowls are often knocked over and they are caked in mud with shabby little houses to sleep in. Tell me whose fault it is if those dogs do not turn out well-adjusted.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Poor Kitchen...

Our kitchen naked... ugh. We just gutted it for a re-do. Oh da pain, but hopefully it will turn out nice.

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