Tuesday, March 04, 2008

what, oh what, has happened to my mind?

The only explanation to all this (what you ask?) is that I've lost it.




Without cause.

And I ain't no rebel.

For some reason, after starting to feel blue around the anniversary of my father's accident, I started making MORE blogs. Because blogs heal wounds...it is the penicillin to my brain cramp. Bring forth the shit, and lots of it, and publish it onto the web...so shall it be, a great gathering of shit, so that you will believe when thou smellest it.


But fun.

Now I have a blog about my FROGS, and my DOGS, my CAUSES, my neglected ART, and my frickin' CAR. I'm letting the cats carry on as usual at Hatamaran for some reason.

I have a disease. DIS-ease. I am not at ease, therefore I must spout like a broken sewer line.

And somehow getting all that shit out makes me feel a little bit better.

Just hold your nose.


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