Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday's Shepherd

Here is my passenger from yesterday. He is a 5 year-old shepherd being transported all the way to Wisconsin so he can have a second chance. He was the most frightened passenger I've ever transported. He had a precious heart though. With a little love and patience he'll be a wonderful best friend. He didn't know how to walk on a leash and I had to carry him to the grass to let him pee (which he was too nervous to even do that). His heart was pounding when I lifted him into my arms. He never whined or complained and you could tell he wanted to be friends but was just to scared. He laid down in the back with his head between the seats so he could be close and so he could see where he was going. Poor guy...I don't think he even had a name yet. He just broke my heart, but I have high hopes for him.


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