Wednesday, September 22, 2004

alpaca and llama show...

Here are some pics I took at the alpaca/llama show I went to a couple of weeks ago. These are Huacaya alpacas. There's another kind of alpaca called Suri--they have long silky locks instead of fluffy teddy bear hair. They are soooo cute, but very shy. These guys have already been shorn for the year. If they had all their fleece they would be mega-fluffy.

Click pics for larger images...

There was also an obstacle course for both alpacas and llamas. It's always funny/tragic to watch because leading alpacas and llamas around is about like running cats through an obstacle course. They usually humiliate their owners. They go through obstacles, get petted by a stranger, get their feet sprayed with water, have their feet picked up by the owner, get a hula hoop passed over their heads and show they can be trailered. Some were cooperative and some didn't want to do anything. The pics below are llamas (just remember to look for the "banana" ears...alpacas have teddy bear ears).

This llama was undecided about me taking his picture.


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