Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meet Mr. Peepers!!!!

One of the two new fellers, Mr. Peepers!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Gherkin-a-tor...

Gherkin's new home! You can see her zipping across the top.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

frogs and poliwogs...

Our patients' transportation was cancelled today because of the icy morning, so I got to spend some time finishing up treatment notes and paperwork...and set up Gherkin's new, and larger, home. Kick, froggie, kick.

Except, she may have a secret, he may be a she...a frog in drag, a swimmer with swimmers, but hey, I didn't pick a unisex name for nothin'. I'm planning to add about 2-3 more African Dwarf frogs...names in the "hopper" include PJ (Pickle Juice), Irkle, Zirkle, Heebie, Jeebie, Hanky, Panky...there are some more, but I can't remember. I seem to spit them out in deuces.

Apparently being a social worker causes your after-work brain to slowly metamorphize into a pile of loose fecal matter. I'm telling you my brain is poo-poo by the time I get home. But I still enjoy it... I just want some more balance after work. It's slowly coming back but I'd like to recover some neurons stat. I never thought it would take this long!! Back to the ice this morning. Poor Pepper stepped out on the patio this morning to run out into the yard to potty and as soon as she zipped out the door, she zipped right down on her bottom like Bambi her first day on the frozen lake. Rather wary, the doggie was afterward... after she addressed her cadence to "gingerly and gently prancing" she made it back in with all limbs intact.

Petey, in his almighty lazy fashion, held it until the temperature was acceptable for paw contact.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

meet Gherkin!

My sweet officemates got me a mini-frog. She's a doll...and her name is Gherkin!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

and then she wrote...

not much...
I keep thinking I am going to return to blogging. So MUCH has happened. So MUCH I have not written about. I've learned a different way of life and I am still adjusting. I don't write much in complete sentences anymore because MedyKare hates humans and reimbursing humans (don't expect you to extrapolate that one).

Anyway, I miss blogging. Hell, I miss WRITING. But, that's right at my fingertips, yes? And I will have to get to it...sometime soon.


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