Tuesday, November 23, 2004

knock, knock...

...who's there?
Flying squirrels.
Flying squirrels who?
Flying squirrels visiting through your fireplace.


Yes, we have more visitors...or maybe just one more. He peeks his head through the flue when we shine the flashlight in the fireplace.

Who's that? he says.
Curious humans, we say.
*blink, blink*

Curious humans invite total infestation by placing water and gerbil food in the fireplace.

What's that? he says.
Food and water, we say.

As soon as the food was placed in the fireplace, his velvety nose popped through the hole wiggling and twitching.

A buffet? he says. For me? he wonders.
Yes, for you, just in case you need it.

He promptly followed his nose to the feeding trough and began eating to his heart's content. You could clearly hear the crunching and munching through the closed glass doors.

Cool! How cute! the Curious Humans thought.
Mmmm! Delicious the squirrel thought.

He dragged the little plastic lid toward him, sat among the tasty morsels and commenced to more serious munching.The sunflower seeds were his favorite and disappeared first.

We are such suckers, we thought.
They are such suckers, he thought.


I have about 10 more inches of seaming to do on Klaralund and I'm finished. I plan to wear it tomorrow because that's what you do when you finish something--you wear it immediately...pronto...post haste...with self-aggrandizing glee.

There's so much to say, but only so much room. I'll post of pic of Klara when she is fit to be fitted and such.

I am SO ready for a day off.


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