Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wisconsin...home of great cheese and retards with guns...

Wisconsin considers hunting feral cats

Don't let your kitty outside...he might be fair game.

Ah, man's solution to all previous mistakes--kill the victim. Kill the horses we've neglected. Kill the pets of which we've tired. Throw the kittens in a sack and drown them instead of fixing the cat. Destroy the ecosystem so we can have immediate gratification. Kill, destroy, repeat in video game for reinforcement.

Forget responsibility. Forget problem-solving. Forget thinking long-term--or thinking period. Kill it now and it will rot and go away. Otherwise, we might be inconvenienced. Otherwise, we might have to make an effort.

Our gene pool is irreversibly polluted with careless, stupid and wasteful people.

I'm starting to wonder if the conscionable part of the human brain is slowly being wasted away from centuries of creepy people breeding with one another. Too many primitive brains are shuffling around on the sidewalks these days.

We're the only species that chooses to kill and cause suffering. Our society is advanced enough to do better, but we choose to be lesser beings. Much less.


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