Wednesday, July 13, 2005


"Hey Mamaw" is up on Ebay. Sugar's whiskers are painted with a real cat whisker. What fun! I found a whisker in the floor (naturally shed of course) and taped it to a old crappy brush. It was great for getting fine little whiskers! The complete title is "Hey Mamaw, open up. It's just me and Sugar"--so I'm a little verbose--sue me. I'm still a little floored that people are buying these little things for some juicy bucks. I'm afraid it's a joke or something. Am I weird? (Don't answer that.)

Saturday excitement! We're (tentatively) going to be part of a puppy transport relay on Saturday! This little gal is going to a person in Virginia and we're going to be one of four "legs" of this puppy's journey to freedom. She comes from a "high kill" shelter, so she's one lucky puppy! We're awaiting specific instructions. It should be fun. I've always wanted to be part of one of these transport relays. It only takes 2 or 3 hours of your time if you're just one leg of the journey and a deserving animal is able to get to a new forever home instead of being euthanized. The new owner is spared a lengthy trip.


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