Friday, November 18, 2005

welcome to my hysterectomy party...

I'm hosting a going-away party for my uterus. I have been angry at my womb for years for making me so miserable. I planned my entire life around my uterus' condition du jour.

But maybe I should feel sorry for it. Maybe it didn't want to be lumpy and painful. It's been scoped, operated on, medicated and biopsied. Maybe I do feel a little bad just throwing it away.

But then again, maybe it needs to be "euthanized."

Or is that the same as snuffing out the disabled?

Maybe I should explain to my uterus that I appreciate the efforts, but it just didn't work out between us, that it won't have to work so hard now; that it deserves a rest. A permanent vacation.

I sketched out with my mouse a characterization of my poor, old lumpy uterus. You can see it quite plainly in the sidebar. I thought I would throw a farewell party to mark the end of its reign over my life.

So if you are madly rich, stupid or a little bit of both, you can click on my uterus and buy it a good-bye gift. If you're like me you can click and be amused by the long list of stuff you would never buy for a stranger.

In any case, an era is coming to a (stitched) close...


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