Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fw: ELGIN, SC.....Sweet 2 y/o Am. Bulldog was used for target Practicewith a .38 HANDGUN......PLEASE, HELP.

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Subject: ELGIN, SC.....Sweet 2 y/o Am. Bulldog was used for target Practice with a .38 HANDGUN......PLEASE, HELP.

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This sweet two year old American Bulldog and his playmate were lured into the yard of a neighbor in Elgin, SC. They were then trapped by a vehicle and used for target practice with a .38 gauge handgun.  These are real bullets that just destroy everything in it's path. His pitbull playmate was not as lucky.  He was shot and then thrown over the fence to die.  He had so many gun shot wounds that he had to be euthanized.  The owner of Titan ran into the yard and saved Titan or he would also be dead.  Titan is as sweet as can be, even with all his injuries, he just wants to give kisses.  He has a radius/ulna fracture, a right tibia fracture and lost several toes on his right rear leg.  According to the owner, the police were called and nothing was done to the neighbor.  We are outraged by this and have an investigator with the SPCA seeing what he can do to go after these people.  

This sweet dog has a long road of surgery ahead of him to save his legs.  He will remain at the surgical center for several weeks.

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