Friday, September 03, 2004


Well, despite the fact my mind went wild yesterday, I was only victim to a minor amount of anxiety before my appointment.

The EKGs I sent in showed my heartrate was getting up to 195 while exercising. Now I can have some appreciation for why I could never build up any distance when I tried to run in previous years. My heart has always done this, I just didn't know it was abnormal.

Anyway, next week I'm having an echocardiogram to check for structural problems and see a cardiologist who is also an electrophysiologist - a rhythm dude. I'm probably headed for a combo of blood pressure medication and something like a beta blocker to control my wacky ticker.

We'll see. At least he didn't diagnose me as having a pig heart or something. Oh, and he said the ants in the pants were normal.

Thanks for all your concerns and thoughts. I'm still wearing the contraption so I can (hopefully) capture the palpitations, but so far the well has been dry.


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