Tuesday, May 16, 2006

fidgety eyeballs and sympathy mange...

My right eyelid has decided to become spastic--and stay that way. Every few seconds my eyelid has a muscular hiccup, leaving me feeling as though I were part of a life-long glaucoma test.

I know, it's nothing.

But it's irritating because it's been three weeks.

(If your bored, please feel free to leave.)

Pepper gets her spay surgery stitches out today at 5:45 pm. I guess we'll be Hyster-Sisters now. My little man Petey is about halfway through his mange treatment and is getting downright furry again (for a beagle that is). If you remember when I found out Petey had mange, my body decided it was feeling left out and produced some similar effects but without the hair loss. He's getting better, but my itchy and flaky scalp continues to be...well, itchy and flaky. I bought some delicious-smelling Aveda scalp treatment to make the whole thing a worthwhile aromatherapy experience, but so far I'm just minty and itchy. I'm wondering if the mystery ezcema in my ears has decided to attack my head in Petey's honor. Why waste a good thing in an out-of-the-way ear canal?

Yes, I know I should go see the dermatologist or some similar specialist ad nauseum, but y'know, there's about 500 other things on my to-do list that rank higher than itching (twitching hasn't even made it to the list).

Admittedly, I have been called a flake before, but I'm pretty sure they meant something else.

I should have added these attractive, and hopefully transient, traits to yesterday's post so, while imagining my gagging and lurching, you could have added a twitching eye and intense itching from the neck up.

Glorious. Sexy. The kind of womanhood all females hope for.


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