Thursday, June 22, 2006

are you bringing your pup?

Tomorrow is national Take Your Dog to Work Day

Now, you don't even have to tempt me. It's just that I need to pick who to bring.

Petey, who is more manageable because he's small...


Pepper, who needs socialization.

Pickles, our 14 year-old, would not be interested in the whole soiree for more than 35.2 seconds, so I'm going to let her get her rest on what is left of the couch (if you missed that post, Pepper ate the couch).

Of course Petey did try to pee on a stack of dog food bags at Pet Supplize Pluz, but I yanked him away before the stream hit the I had to tell the cashier she had "a clean-up on aisle seven."

Then, Pepper has decided she needs to drag us for walks. We have since tried the "Gentul Leadur"...and, let me just say, it works IMMEDIATELY. Pepper was practically digging up concrete and now she walks with a LOOSE LEASH after ONE WALK. So, if you have a persistent puller, get one of these things...they're worth every penny.

Tonight, I'm off to my first MINI meeting with the Smoky Mountain MINI Club and then it's off to hear Rhett Miller play at Sundown in the City. It should be a fun night. :-)

Toodles, all...and don't forget to contact your legislator about voting for HR 503--the bill that would end horse slaughter in this country.


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