Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Even though I'm a vegetarian, I get really frustrated with PETA. I really think they do more harm than good for the vegetarian "movement." First of all, they pick the poster-child for no-class-surgically-altered-bimbos as one of their main spokespersons. I ain't namin' names, I'm just sayin' it helps to pick credible people to speak for you. I also don't like their sensationalistic tactics, which usually involve the act-now-and-think-later train of thought. I don't think they are radical, but I do think they are reckless. A message imbued with passion is a powerful thing, but a message levied as an attack lessens credibility in my eyes. I don't think they understand the fine line between the two.

Back when I was taking undergraduate classes in psychology I actually had a multiple-choice question about PETA. One of the answers was something like "PETA is a useless organization filled with crackpots..." Of course, I didn't pick that one, but when I got my test back that was the right answer. There should have been an extra choice that read "and the professor is an opinionated asshole," but really that incident demonstrates my point. That's the kind of reaction PETA inspires. I wish they would be more Schweitzer-esque in their strategy. I think it would improve their results.

I'm not saying they don't do good work to help animals in abusive situations, etc., I'm just saying their communication style could be more effective and credible.

Sheesh, you're wondering, what crawled up her arse? This morning I heard on the radio that PETA had attacked the Atkins diet because of the good doctor's condition at death. Even though I don't think anyone had all the facts on that yet, they started yammering anyway. Bah. Note to self: Get clawhammer to get panties out of a wad.


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