Saturday, February 28, 2004

oh, my achin' synapses...

Ugh. I have a lot on my mind since hubby and I had a heart-to-heart about where I am going with my career. I know I definitely want to leave PR behind. It truly does not match my personality, even though it did give me an opportunity to write for a living to a certain extent.

But hubby has reservations about the master's in clinical social work. I am primarily earning that degree to be a therapist. Now, if I had opted to get a PhD (debt Piled Higher and Deeper), I would be more likely to go straight into a therapist's type of job, but the road from social work degree to outpatient therapist is not so clear cut. There are a variety of hoops to go through, crappy jobs to earn your stripes, licenses to earn and a horrible salary to draw. At nearly 40, working the lower levels of the salt mine can be pretty painful. He wonders if it will be worth it. I can't answer that question. What he did express is that he feels I should follow my art more fully. I think he believes there's something special there.

This coming fall, I will have to work a social work field placement, my full-time PR job, take classes and try not to lose touch with my art. I don't know how I am going to do this. Money is too tight to go part-time unless I clean out my retirement funds and pay off a bunch of stuff. Even then it would be pretty tough.

I have been thinking through many different scenarios, all of which are giving me a terrible headache. It's important to me to fulfill a destiny, to follow my heart and to perform the tasks I was meant to do here on this dusty little rock.

Well, thank God I compiled an obscene stash of knitting yarn while finances were fluffier. At my stitch per second rate, I've got enough yarn to keep me busy until I retire. Hey, you gotta look at the bright side. ;-)


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