Tuesday, November 30, 2004

ponder fodder...

I saw this quote at the end of an email today. I don't know much about the fellow who wrote it, but this little bit was worth thinking about.

"I look upon what is whole in you, not what seems to be lacking, and when
you learn to do the same, then the lack will disappear on its own. No
effort is required to dispel an illusion, but it takes great effort
indeed to deny what is and has always been true. This is why you are so
tired, because you have used the power of creation to deny the power of

-James Twyman

I have named the fireplace squirrel "Ralphie." He hangs his head down from the hole in the flue like a periscope to keep a watch for fresh sunflower seeds. I need to take a picture of the cats...they sit in front of the fireplace like they are watching television.

Dreary, chilly, foggy and rainy today.


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