Monday, December 27, 2004

if you're the praying sort...

or if you are of the school of "sending good vibes," I'd say Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India could use some of that energy right now. Supposedly the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Honolulu had the warning information an hour before the giant waves crushed the shores, but they had no contact information for that part of the world. I suppose they do now.

The death toll was fairly close the population of my hometown. They are going to need everyone's help. Below are sites that offer ways to lend a hand:

  • The Red Cross International Response Fund (Note: this fund is not necessarily appropriated to one event but many throughout the year.)
  • World Vision Emergency Kits (I don't know a lot about this organization, but it appeared as a source of aid in a major Australian newspaper.)
  • Unicef's Emergency Relief Fund
  • Relief Web is a one-stop news source regarding the disaster.
  • Center for International Disaster Information


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