Monday, April 18, 2005

I am happy report something good for a change. Rooney is eating. The poor kid has been on three types of antibiotics, prednisone and steroids--and had to have his teeth scaled as well as be tube-fed for two consecutive days (cha-ching). But, he's eating. He's eating! We still don't know what definitely caused his severe loss of appetite, but he's on the mend. The poor little guy got down to under 5 pounds!

(Atticus is supervising in the background)

And Yuki has decided to revive an old pasttime from his days as a blood donor cat...eating toilet paper rolls. Oh, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki. But you know that's not Yuki in the picture, that's Peanut! Peanut? Yes, we have five cats now. I haven't announced his arrival because his adoption was kind of a personal thing. Daddy had a little cat named Peanut (that was NOT his--he just didn't want to see her starve-ha) and my little boy Peanut looks a good bit like his little kitty pal. Anyway, Peanut is saying "No, mommy, I did NOT do that! But could you turn the bathroom faucet on so I could get a cold drink?"

More about Peanut soon...


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