Sunday, October 16, 2005

in a nutshell...

been too tired to get into bloggin' recently...

  • planned and led my first two therapy groups last week
  • planning another tonight before I go to bed for tomorrow
  • zombified at work
  • zombified at home
  • trying to do enough painting to keep something up on Ebay
  • animals on more meds again (cha-ching; Sadie still has to adjust her Cushing's Disease meds; which are coincidentally causing her painful dermatitis, which is earning her a handful of pills and constant bathing/creme-rinsing
  • moving every pile of shit in house to another area in the house, to the dump, the driveway with a "free" sign on it or to the used bookstore
  • listening to two great CDs: the new Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine and the Super Furry Animals, Love Kraft. Dig 'em both, big time.
  • still not sleeping enough, except for the last two nights I was able to get some good snooze time.
  • the weeks are so long and exhausting these days that I really dread Mondays more than ever...
  • on the plus side I'm learning a lot and getting good experience...I just need a vacation.
  • One of my favorite, if not my favorite painters, Lori Nelson. Check her stuff out. I think it's really spectacular.


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