Monday, October 03, 2005

What the ripe, rotten...this is outrageous cruelty...

Sign a petition against dogs being used as sharkbait.

I shit you not. I thought it was a stupid tabloid story until I went to the RSPCA (Britain's ASPCA) site and checked it out.

I'm going to start wearing a fucking sandwich sign that says "the end of the world is near." I'm telling you I want to start a new planet with people who have a full set of genes.

Update: READ WHAT SNOPES SAYS ABOUT THIS STORY. I was especially suspicious because of the lack of swelling and/or blood in the photo of the "hooked" dog, but apparently the practice exists, but the article is probably not entirely accurate (gasp! the media doesn't report inaccuracies, do they...DO THEY?!!)

BUT, the world is still ending and I am STILL going to wear that sandwich board.

p.s. A funny aside. I was turning this story into as they were writing it up. They sent me a link to the write-up about an hour later saying they were in the process of putting on the site when they received the e-mail. Ok, it wasn't funny...maybe a somewhat-interesting aside.

Whatever, I'm tired. I never get enough sleep. I have puppy transport pics but I haven't gotten around to getting them on here. There's also a new painting up, "Mealtime at Crazy Cat Lady's House - 2"


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