Friday, September 30, 2005

sweet sixteen...paws that is...

Whelp, I've done it again. My Friday night will be a yowler. I'm transporting two adult dogs and two puppies to the upper crust of Tennessee's border tonight right after work. Once again, my mother and I will taking a little animal adventure together. I'm practically cross-eyed I'm so tired, but cute animals always keep me excited enough to remain coherent.

Posting has been lesser than more this week, other than emergency postings. I've just been ridiculously:
a) busy
b) tired
c) overwhelmed
d) all of the above

"D" would be correct. I'm ready for a weekend and transporting rescues is just the way to get it started off with a smile.

Even though I need the money, I'm having even more fun giving it away through my little charity paintings.

Oh yeah, and I got juried into EBSQ+!!! After looking at the other artists who made it through the jury, I was stunned that I was included. I'm just being honest, not humble. There are some fantastic artists in there. Lovely LoLo is one of them (tho' she's been in the Plus section for a while)...her artwork is awesome.

Toodles now. I shall attempt to take pics of the little smilers on the way up to the upper crusty...


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