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Update: 9-5--I think the following crosspost is enough evidence to rest easy about this. With the pervasive chaos that gripped New Orleans, it was worth checking out. A special thank you goes out to Papillion rescue enthusiast Judy B. for sending this information to me.

SPCA Texas Shelter Update
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From: Andra O'Connell
To: AKCparentclublist
Sent: 9/4/2005 8:32:17 PM
Subject: [akcparentclubconference] Shelters in Texas

Many of you know Carl Holder. I spoke with him tonight and he gave me the following report regarding the shelters in TX and what he knew of others. Andra O'Connell
Secretary, DCA

From Carl Holder - the update as of Sunday, September 4, 2005 - The situation is not desperate and animals are still coming into the Houston SPCA as well as a number of other shelters and rescue groups. The Beaumont area humane society of SE Texas (an independent shelter) is loaded and has purchased additional runs to house the many dogs. Many of the animals now are going to Baton Rouge and Lafayette shelters. There is a group that is getting the strays that were abandoned.

There are lots of wild rumors going around. "Shoot to kill" is one of the rumors and simply not true.

The Baton Rouge local independent shelter is still taking animals. Food is not needed! Many dog and cat food companies are supplying fresh food to the shelters that need it. Local people that were not affected by the hurricane are coming out in mass to volunteer to help at the shelters.

The Beaumont Texas shelter is NOT adopting animals out because they know who the owners are. Those animals that are not identified are not going to be adopted out right away either to give owners a chance to reunite with them. Many people are coming out daily to visit their pets.

Please, if people or clubs wish to donate, it needs to be money and given directly to the shelters. These funds will go for the medical supplies and medical treatment of the animals that have been taken in. These are independent, local shelters that are 501 (C)(3) and will give tax deductible receipts. The addresses that you can send money donations to are:

Humane Society of SE Texas (Beaumont)
2050 Spindletop Road
Beaumont, TX 77705
Capitol Area Animal Welfare Society
6357 Quinn Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
(addresses of the other local and independent shelters will be posted later today)
Permission to cross post to other lists is granted and encouraged

Judith H. Simpson, AKA Rosalind Foxx, Sara Logan

Update: 9-5--I have heard from at least one person that this is a rumor and not fact, but I don't have any more evidence from her (yet) than from the original sender of the message. I do not have sources and nothing checks out on or I haven't heard back from the Humane Society, but I would say they are, shall we say, busy. Personally, I think if it was NOT a rumor there would have been a statement made already by the ASPCA, HSUS or other major animal protective/rescue agency. I will continue to post whatever I find out on this. In the meantime, rescue groups are working their asses off to get families' pets back to safety. Last night HSUS were able to recover 140+. Time is of the essence, so I am hoping these poor people are at least due one small happy surprise in the midst of losing everything else. Peace.

Original info posted on 9-3:
I cannot guarantee the validity of this information, but it is worth getting out in case there is some truth to it. I am also emailing the HSUS about this. Please also do the same. Info came from Domestic Psychology. We need to find out if this is a rumor.

"This e-mail came from a dog show group:

FWD: URGENT Info from New Orleans

I will write a more detailed post tomorrow, actually today, but my husband finally reached me. He is safe, well protected by our Police force when they are fighting the fires, but I need to get this out ASAP. What he told me is so disturbing and urgent, if there is anyone out there with the power to do something quickly, this has to get out. I do have more inside info but I'm too drained to write more.

My husband said that a shoot to kill order with regards to animals may begin soon. They believe it is the most humane way to handle the multitude of animals that are starving and ill, or injured. I cannot fathom this, and I can't bear to think that someone's family pet will end like this. Please, please, please try to get this order rescinded. I don't know who it came from. But someone will know the right person to contact. Let them begin on the Westbank, it isn't flooded, and there are secure back highways to come in. The rescues are just waiting for the word to go, and the military is coming in, and they will take care of the criminals that have better weapons than our own police force. I will post more, later after I've rested. Permission to crosspost.

I stand behind the validity of this information.

Lynn Szymurski
Richlynn Siberians
New Orleans, LA



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