Monday, September 12, 2005

Someone needs to tell the truth...

Originally, the HSUS dispelled the animal shoot-to-kill order as rumor, but as people who have been displaced to my city have been interviewed the stories are clear and quite unpleasant. One man, who wanted to bring his animals, was refused and they shot his animals right in front of him. His words: "'They made us get out of the parish, and I wanted to take my animals (but)they shot my animals right in front of me,' said Miller.'" He has one dog left, Sassy.

Link to that story:

Also, there is this video from Dallas News where a now-famous Sgt. Minton is busy shooting animals (hurry while it's still working--GRAPHIC WARNING):

And, another PLEA from a blog from the Gulf Coast, GulfSails (

"OK. The report I got from Dr. White who has been rescuing in St. Bernard Parish is that even though he has brought at least 40 dogs, 1 squirrel (a pet) and a Muskovie Duck-Saturday night and another 35 Sunday night, It is a DIRE problem.

His words: 'There is an unending supply of dogs in St. Bernard Parish and they are dying.' The shoot to kill order has been given, by local officials, but the National Guardsmen don't want to do it. He asked me to put out a plea to ALL ANIMAL RESCUE GROUPS...WE DESPERATLY NEED YOUR HELP. COME DOWN AND GET SOME.

I have seen other groups, but why are they not going to where the greatest need is? Please contact St. Bernard Sheriff's Department about housing some, and we mean lots, of these animals. I saw a load of Min-Pins and Skipperkees-I know it's spelled wrong-Saturday. These are pure bred small dogs. Our housing capabilities locally are stretched and the State animal shelters that were set up for the Katrina survivors are filling up quickly.

Please spread the word to any animal rescuers and potential foster families that we need them."

I have written to the HSUS about this asking for a straight answer. I hope I hear something. I just want to know the truth.

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