Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Urgent Plea for LA Pits

This is a crosspost regarding the current situation with pit bull pups in the hurricane-ravaged areas--with permission...

"...got this e-mail this morning from a shelter board member. Lacey said it's awful. She said that in Gonzales alone they have about 200 pits. She has formed her own group of people there and they are just going out in the streets and finding strays and distributing food and water. She said there are still dogs in houses and in fenced-in yards and they are only able to feed them, they can't take them. She said a lot of the pits are in or came from the projects. Most of the females have sagging teets from being bred over and over. They have seen dead dogs in fenced-in backyards. She said they are just gathering and crating the ones they will bring back. They have about 12 dogs of various breeds right now to bring back and place. She has pits wandering up and sleeping in her tent at night just happy be with a person. She has 4 female pits and 1 male pit as of right now and she will be coming home this weekend to bring them. We need to find fosters for them to go to ASAP. She said most of these dogs wouldn't be claimed but that they will post them on Petfinder as victims of Katrina and give owners 30 days to claim before they can be placed in permanent homes. She said they still are not letting people back in yet so people have no way of claiming their dogs.

PLEASE, PLEASE pass this on and crosspost widely. We will assist with transport and expenses if necessary. These dogs will be coming to Dickson, TN. I know a lot of you are full right now but if you can just find room for one more I know you will be blessed. I will be taking one of the females. Thank you and if you have any questions you can e-mail me and I'll try to help. Below is the info that I had received by e-mail before I talked to Lacey.

Laura Mucerino (click to email her)
Luvabull Foster & Rescue
Dickson, TN

It is really a very sad situation.
Lacey called me this morning. At this moment in time she has the following she prays you can find a place for:
1. male, intact, thin, very sweet. Brindle and white
2. female, red/white, ok with most other dogs, shows some food agression
3. beautiful blue female-is in an apartment now, she is feeding until she has a place to take it.Let me know.Thanks!"


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