Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shall We Debunk These Myths Together? Let's.

From the ASPCA Rescue Diary...

(I hope they don't mind me posting this, but the rumors are flying everywhere! I'm glad they posted some definitive responses!)

"Evening Update, September 5:

Don't believe everything you hear. The ASPCA has investigated allegations that family pets in Louisiana are being taken from their owners and shot. We have found absolutely no truth to this widely circulated rumor. According to reliable sources, one dog was shot and killed after he tried to attack an officer. There is no order to shoot animals unless they are endangering law enforcement officers. You can help keep a volatile situation from becoming even worse by checking out rumors before passing them on.

Clearing up false information
You may have heard the rumor that evacuees in Louisiana are being ordered to abandon their animals. In some cases, they have had to leave their animals but there are many animal rescuers in the area. The Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine has assured us that every effort is being made to reunite animals and people. The LSU veterinarian's Office is now coordinating all information about animals stranded in Louisiana. They have a 30-computer and phone bank set up, and are on site, so they are in the best position to combine data and forward it to rescue teams. In Louisiana, people reporting stranded animals or have found an animal should call (888) 773-6489. Outside Louisiana, people should call (225) 925-3980. Information may also be e-mailed to The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine website is loaded with very good information and clear instructions."


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