Friday, June 12, 2009


(This is a courtesy post to help out a family who lost a beloved pet in a terrible car accident)
REWARD/LOST DOG KNOXVILLE: Please help us locate our son's dog that disappeared tuesday night after he got into an accident just off of I-40. He has a large white
mane directly behind his neck dappled with black spots. His feet have some white and the tip of his tail is white. He weighs around 40lbs and is neutered. He answers to the name of "Puck". He is friendly and may or may not have a collar because he was freaked out from the accident so bad and my son was holding on to it when he got into the accident but thinks the collar may have slipped off. If it is, it will have "Sir Puck and my son's cell phone #. HE DOES HAVE A MICROCHIP. We have looked all over and my son is distraught because he is in the hospital and can't look for him. He was last seen around a Weigels somewhere between Cedar Bluff and Campbell Station just off the highway. Last seen at a Lovell Rd Shell gas station. If you see him, please try to get him for us. He will be hungry, distraught and lost without our son. If you can't get him please pass it on and let us know where you saw him. If you found him and are thinking of keeping him, please know that my son loves this dog more than life, literally and we will be eternally grateful to have him back. He had to choose between his life or the dogs that night. REWARD FOR HIS RETURN.


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