Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The ears have it...

An infection that is. Feelin' a bit on thew yucky side today, but manageable.

Still nothing on the job front and no prospects. I have tried to reach the unemployment office nearly 100 times and STILL have yet to get through to a person OR a voice mail box. There's not even a call queue, just a message saying you have to try your call later due to the "high call volume." Great.

On the positive side I am painting a lot and will be exhibiting at Wilde Thyme Art at their grand opening in early December. Check them out at http://wildethymeart.net. I believe the art will be for sale online as well.

I am looking forward also to seeing my friend Jan from Canada tonight. She will be celebrating the defense of her dissertation, which is today, and has really worked hard to get her PhD in social work. I know she will be relieved and happy to have gotten through the day. Go Jan!

All the pups and kitties are doing well but Pepper has been suffering with a grumbly tummy recently. She threw up on the bed last night and looked so pitiful as is to say "I'm sorry...I couldn't help it!" She is such a sensitive little soul.

Gonna lay down for a few minutes before getting back to making more art for the show. I need to have 20 to 30 pieces so I need to busta move!
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