Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fw: ELGIN, SC.....Sweet 2 y/o Am. Bulldog was used for target Practicewith a .38 HANDGUN......PLEASE, HELP.

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Subject: ELGIN, SC.....Sweet 2 y/o Am. Bulldog was used for target Practice with a .38 HANDGUN......PLEASE, HELP.

Noah's Arks Rescue



This sweet two year old American Bulldog and his playmate were lured into the yard of a neighbor in Elgin, SC. They were then trapped by a vehicle and used for target practice with a .38 gauge handgun.  These are real bullets that just destroy everything in it's path. His pitbull playmate was not as lucky.  He was shot and then thrown over the fence to die.  He had so many gun shot wounds that he had to be euthanized.  The owner of Titan ran into the yard and saved Titan or he would also be dead.  Titan is as sweet as can be, even with all his injuries, he just wants to give kisses.  He has a radius/ulna fracture, a right tibia fracture and lost several toes on his right rear leg.  According to the owner, the police were called and nothing was done to the neighbor.  We are outraged by this and have an investigator with the SPCA seeing what he can do to go after these people.  

This sweet dog has a long road of surgery ahead of him to save his legs.  He will remain at the surgical center for several weeks.

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Thanks for being a GUARDIAN ANGEL to all these wonderful animals.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet snoozin' Yuki

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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Southerner in the Snow...

As I am sitting here in my nice warm house, I am thinking about tomorrow, mountains, ice, snow, and if my Mini Cooper (and me) will come back in one piece.

Tomorrow is my usual rescue transport...four dogs who will most certainly never see a home if they do not travel tomorrow. My leg of the transport journey just happens to be in the mountains with a forecast of snow.

"So?" You Northerners say...well, we Southerners close down shop when there's snow in the forecast. No one knows how to drive in it and the mere mention of snow causes a panicked run to the grocery store for canned goods. I mean, you could starve to death in the 24 hours the snow sticks around before melting.

Actually, more often than not, our problem is not enough snow to be driven on and just enough rain/snow to harden into ice. Now, that's a disaster waiting to happen. It's a modern production of Rednecks on Ice, except there's no happy ending--triple klutzes do not earn a good score.

So, ashamedly I admit I am very nervous about driving over the mountains into Kentucky tomorrow with a bunch of rescue dogs in my tiny Mini Cooper. Yes, I am a true Southerner-"afeared" of the white stuff. I don't think I qualify to be a major character in the Rednecks on Ice production, but I do qualify as a Nervous Southerner in a Mini Cooper that's had to be fixed twice in the last year because of a hit-and-run and a nasty burglary. Poor Smidget can't get a break. (Think positive Smidget!)

I am looking out the window at the cold rain coming down, well-aware it will be freezing over tonight, making a nice slick base for the shallow snowfall to come tomorrow. And I can't help but wonder if our Northern transporter counterparts are rolling their eyes, laughing hysterically while gunning their snowmobiles in disgust.

Yup, we're chickens down here. But we're chickens with big hearts. I am going to pretend I drive in the snow all the time tomorrow and race over the mountain at a scorching 15 mph if I have to. I won't be the link that takes the transport down and lets these adoptable dogs go by the wayside like so many do.

I'm laughing and crying inside...laughing at myself for being scared and crying because, well, I really am scared. But what do you expect? I will be a Southerner in the snow. Just give me a wide berth if you see me coming!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tweet from Twitterrific

Dying Ringling Elephant Trainer blows whistle Washington Post http://tinyurl.com/yhrd9fx


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From Noah's Ark Rescue--GREENVILLE, SC.....Let's find this wandering pair a wonderful homefor CHRISTMAS....PLEASE, HELP.

from Noah's Ark Rescue...
GREENVILLE, SC.....Let's find this wandering pair a wonderful home for CHRISTMAS....PLEASE, HELP.

This traveling pair have been seen wandering all over Winder, Georgia hoping someone would adopt them for the past two months. How anyone could look out their front door, see these two and not let them in to stay is amazing to me. Just one look and they win me over.  They originally were seen separately and then they teamed up with the dog always following the cat. Never the other way around. When we found out Animal Control was going to be called, we decided we just couldn't risk them being PTS. We sent a wonderful volunteer to pick them up and transport them to our vet in Greenville, SC. We have had them both fully vetted. Holly, the dog, had to be spayed. Noel had already been neutered, which we are very thankful for, since I bet he just loves to have a good time. They are both as friendly as can be and would make the perfect ready made family. It's Christmas time. Let's give them a present of a new life together with a wonderful family that will love on them as much as we do.

I (Noah's Ark Rescue) have personally picked up all of their expenses since they are not an abuse case. They were abandoned but not abused.Please, send this e-mail far and wide so we can get them home by Christmas.

If you are interested in this wonderful pair, please
contact us at the e-mail below. NoahsArksRescue@mac.com

Check out this LOLCat!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas is coming...

and we haven't even got our tree yet. Usually we have it by the beginning of December but this fall has been horrendous and I think I am emotionally spent. I am not in the Christmas mood. I'd like to be, but I'm not. Kinda makes me sad. There are good things going on though. I've sold two paintings at Wilde Thyme gallery out in Colorado and mom is recovering from pneumonia. I guess sometimes you lose your steam. Things are going to be looking up soon, though. I have to believe that. That's what gets ya through, yes?

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