Sunday, December 11, 2005

another day...

Sadie is now in the ICU at the Univ. of TN Veterinary Hospital. She's in an oxygen cage and they've drained a good bit of fluid off of both her heart and abdomen. The strange thing is the fluid in her chest is blood and the fluid in her abdomen is some other sort of fluid. That's highly unusual and they can't figure out why that's happening. The goal over the weekend has been to stabilize her and keep her breathing until all the specialists come back in Monday. Tomorrow she'll have an echocardiogram and some repeat x-rays. I hope we get lot of info tomorrow because I have surgery first thing Tuesday morning. We've made several visits to the ICU to talk to her and pet her. She seems weak but more comfortable than she was. Her tummy is not distended where they gave her Lasix and manually drew off fluids. She is hanging in there and gives us sweet little licks and wags her tail.

Of course my fear is something will happen while I'm stuck in the hospital for two or three days. My guess is that they will want to do surgery on her on Tuesday if there's something to repair, then my poor husband will be running from human hospital to animal hospital petting us both on the heads. I also fear that I won't get to be with there if she has to be put to sleep and I won't see her again. It's all very bad timing, but I suppose it would have been worse if it had all happened on the day I had surgery. At least she is in the best hands possible. She's just pitiful.

For all you folks who love your critters, please pray for Sadie. It sure would be nice to bring miss boo-boo home for Christmas.

I'll try to write again before surgery.


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