Monday, March 24, 2008

tired of being so dang clean...

Don't you get tired of showering? I do. If I could be a guy, it would be an event rife with utter joy, followed by clean clothes and zipping out the door into the fresh air.

But showers include thorough washing off product from long hair, then proper conditioning. This is followed by the shaving of nearly 50% of the body (daily for me because I am the original Chia and then the rinse cycle complete with manual smoothness check (I am so sleepy in the morning I often just shave one leg if I don't check).

Then the work begins. Application of base. Application of powder. Application of base shadow. Application of eyeliner. Curling of lashes. Application of mascara. Application of lipstick. Then I spend about 10 minutes frying my hair and still only get about 60% of the mess dry.

Spray hair.


Apply lotion...possibly powder.


Oops, swath pits with deodorant.

Pull sweater over head.


Wipe deodorant streak from sweater.


Change sweaters.

Change pants to match new sweater.

Spray hair again as it is now a flat mess.

Brush teeth.


Change toothpaste covered sweater.

Change pants to match new sweater.

Run from house screaming.

Get to office to rest.


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