Tuesday, February 03, 2004

confessions of a naughty knitter...

I had to rip Kyoto down to an inch of work. Yes, I had to rip the easiest pattern available in the modern world. Somehow, I didn't pay attention to, oh, say, at least three spots in the seed stitch sash section. Seed stitch needs to be perfect. Because I like seed stitch--it's like Stockinette with a perfectly proportioned rash. Ew. Well, I like it anyway. But I do not like bobbles. I don't know why but I think they're sissy. I just don't like 'em. [Update:The truth is I'm too "big-boned" to look good in extra yardage piled up in little wads. Bobbles are for skinny people...damn them.]

Anyway, lessons learned the hard way:

  • Do not knit anything more than Stockinette Stitch with anything more than a buzz.
  • Do not knit while sick--period. It's going to look just how you feel.
  • You may knit while angry, but check your work twice as often.
  • Knit more slowly while gossiping, er...discussing current events.
  • Do not knit while on the toilet. It's just not right. Really.

    Oh, and I added one of those ridiculous "100 Things" list. Gah, I'm such a follower.


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