Friday, June 25, 2004

little boo-boos...

Sadie was just fine when I picked her up at the vet. She has about six stitches in her leg and a couple in her chin. She wasn't even groggy...just noisy and wanted to go home. The vet said she barked all afternoon wanting out of her cage so they had to put her outside in the little fenced yard. She's a demanding little critter. What Sadie wants, Sadie gets. It takes poor Pickles a day and a half to recover from being put to sleep. One of her liver enzymes is elevated though and we're going to have a repeat bloodtest for that. Yesterday's bill: $251. Cha-ching. There went my wool money.

I spent last night taking photos of my work to submit for the TACA shows in the fall. I hope they turn out okay because the autofocus on my big camera is broken...let's hope I still have 20/20 vision, eh? They're slides, so there's nothing like a giant, out-of-focus hat on the wall. Sadie barked at me from the porch the entire time I was working (she cannot be left unattended inside because she is A Destroyer). And yet, I love her--my problem baby.

I am still really upset about my brother, but I'm working through it...and it's really helping to exercise. Hubby and I have been going to the gym BEFORE work (which is almost unheard of in my anti-morning world) and I am already addicted to that morning zing it gives me. I'm actually showing up at my job on time, too, which is getting me looks of befuddlement.

Thank God it's Friday--that's all I gotta say.


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