Monday, August 16, 2004


Every time I turn around it's freakin' Monday.

Anyway, Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat was a wonderfully poetic book. Short, sweet and powerful. Recommended.

Not only is it Monday, but I am officially under siege by Nazi hormones within my body. I feel so bloated they could just wrap a string around my neck and march me in the Macy's Day parade.

Announcer: We return to Katie and Matt at the three millionth annual Macy's Day Parade...

Katie: This year we have a new entry, a kind of new giant balloon to pay homage to the women of the world who are tortured by their own reproductive organs.

Matt: Right Katie, I believe they call this one (shuffles papers), yes, here it is--Hormonal Helga. Wow, look at those swollen-

Katie: A-hem, let's look at the stats on this one. Wow, Matt, she's 60 feet tall and retains 3000 liters of water. Gosh, how did they get all that water in there? You can see they really took their time getting the evil grimace on her face just right. Oh wait, now the face has changed--she's crying! What a technical feat!

Matt: What's that in her hand? Oh Jeez, they went all out. She's got a dagger and she's looking for a penis to cut off!

Katie: Matt! We can't say "penis" on this broadcast!

Matt: We can't? How about vagina?

Katie: (sighs...)

On a serious note, if you are swimming in cash, cough up some of it to Catholic Charities so some desperate folks in Florida can get some additional aid.


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