Tuesday, August 03, 2004

you've got shitty mail...

Can't you just hear the little Micr*soft lady saying that? "You've got shitty mail..." It's, well, kinda funny.

Anyway, I got a rejection letter yesterday for a really big and important fine craft fair in the fall. They had twice the applicants of last year and I got put onto a waiting list. Fine. *smirk*

However, I did also receive an acceptance letter for another fine craft fair that may prove to be just as good. It was just kind of a let down to be rejected, especially since the product shots I sent in were double the quality of last year's (and I got in). I was also let down because of the potential for repeat customers--people who said they would definitely look for me next year. Sorry, Charlies and Charliettes...

The financial stress is really getting to me and beating me down. I had to escape, so we went to the movies last night. A frivolous purchase I know, but I would have spent my last penny to disappear into someone ELSE'S story for a little while--one that isn't as dismal as Deloris Price's in She's Come Undone. We saw The Bourne Supremacy, which was just as engrossing as The Bourne Identity. I needed some excitement, some reckless abandon. It fit the bill nicely and snapped me awake for a little while. Awake is good.


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