Monday, August 09, 2004

thunderin' hooves and toothless speckled taters...

We had an interesting weekend. Saturday night we went to a local horse show that benefitted disabled folks. The only information we had about the event was a lone billboard with an image that led you to believe the show might feature dressage.

When we got there it was quite a different story. There were plenty of beautiful horses to look at, but I think we might have been the only people there with a full set of teeth. Only two of the riders wore helmets and a scant few actually dressed for the occasion. Some of the riders looked like they had spent a hard night in jail and had never used a new-fangled toothbrush.

Everyone grimaced as they rode, except for one particularly smiley gal and the announcer played recorded pipe organ music the entire time, which was "graciously" donated to terrorize anyone with a shred of musical taste.

The highlight of the evening was petting a seven-day old miniature foal, which was worth the whopping $4 admission.

Then, because we had not seen enough gums for the weekend, we went to nearby Dollyw**d with some discounted tickets I got earlier this summer. The park has an awesome new wooden rollercoaster and we enjoyed getting our brains scrambled. We also partook of a dog agility show, which would have been a lot more enjoyable if someone around us hadn't been stewing in body odor. I couldn't believe I found a veggie burger there, although it was a ridiculous $7. A large drink was nearly $3. I can't believe how expensive amusement parks are: $6 to park, $21 for two burgers and drinks, $3 for a frozen lemonade and if I hadn't gotten heavily discounted tickets through my credit union, they would have cost us $42.40 per adult! I had to wonder how the toothless set afforded it. Hell, that's Rowan sweater kit!

There were some young girls with hot pants on that were so short their cheek creases were hanging out. If they only knew what that middle-aged guy with the comb-over was thinking, they wouldn't do that... maybe I'm just getting old and frumpy. I know I wouldn't get to leave the house like that when I was a teenager. Maybe I just miss my ass from yesteryear...

It was still a fun weekend though and it was good to get out and do some stuff.
Happy Monday (ew.)


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