Monday, February 13, 2006

cheesy jelly beans...

When you get past 40 you can't ignore things anymore. For example, when my doctor called me about last week's blood test results: total cholesterol 255; LDL (the bad cholesterol) 158 and triglycerides 180. The 255 number is really bad and the other two are borderline numbers.

How does a vegetarian get high cholesterol? One word--cheese. Everything I eat is smothered in cheese. If it doesn't have cheese, I don't want to eat it. Now, I have been backed into a sharp cheddar corner with no where to go. Don't tell me to eat fat-free cheese--that only qualifies to fill nail holes in your wall.

My beloved cheese and all its fatty components are going to have to be rationed like nuggets of 24 karat gold. Some people can't give up caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol. I can't give up cheese.

I've thought about writing the Jelly Bell-y company and asking them to make a Vermont sharp cheddar jelly bean so I could have a taste of good cheese now and then.

This feels like quitting smoking all over again. I need a patch, cheese gum, cheese jelly beans...some sort of cheese substitute. It is my chocolate, my main food group, my elixir, my friend.

But, cheese, you betray me! Oh, how you betray me!

So, the assignment is to lose 20-30 lbs, get back to an exercise routine, cut out fatty foods and get rechecked in six months. I'm going to get a jump start with NutriSy5tem in hopes I can get motivated with a little weight loss.

Heart attack and stroke does run on my mother's side of the family, so this ain't no joke. It's got to be done and it has to stay that way. Pfffft.

Has anyone seen "House of the Flying Daggers?" We watched the DVD yesterday---damn! what a depressing movie! Gawd!

That and the cheese thing--I mean, man, I'm gonna lose it.

But I do have a couple of paintings up finally. I hope they do okay. It's nice to get something back on Ebay.

Hope y'all have a great day.

PLEASE ALSO VISIT THE HORSE SLAUGHTER BLOG. THE USDA HAS CIRCUMVENTED CONGRESS' WISHES TO PREVENT HORSE SLAUGHTER. It's an ugly reminder of our society's method of madness--all predicated upon the loophole. It's a stinky hole.


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