Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's February again

Today was a sad day. The land that Daddy lived on for nearly 30 years is no longer in our family. The house he built from the ground up, the outdoor fireplace, the many wooded trails, the Zoysia grass he sewed, the bird feeders he built, the apple grove he planted--is no longer ours. I always loved the apple trees--he had figured out how to graft different varieties together on one tree, which always impressed me. He also had a pear and peach tree as well as grapes, raspberries, blackberries and muscadines. His neighbors bought the land which is good and we teared up and hugged before leaving. They will take good care of Daddy's place and invited us to visit it any time we want. I suppose it was a best case scenario, but I wish we could have kept it...there were reasons for that I can't go into here.

I wanted to eat lunch with my brother and my mom after the business had been completed but I had to rush back to work for a meeting no one showed up for. Normally it wouldn't have aggravated me, but I needed to be with my family.

This week has not been easy. I'm very tired from surgery, depressed about the land being sold--on the cusp of the first anniversary no less--and I'm trying reorient myself to my regular job and to a new internship job as well. I'm developing ADD very quickly...I'm sure I'll get the fog out of my head as things get settled down a bit. I hope.

I hope Daddy isn't disappointed we sold his place. It really was beautiful there with a view of the mountains and at night a clear view of the heavens--away from all the city's lights. The night they discovered his body we were waiting outside in the bitter cold waiting for the rescue crew to bring him out of the woods. It was flurrying, but part of the sky was cloudless and that's when I saw the largest, brightest shooting star I have ever seen. Perhaps a postcard from Heaven.


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