Monday, June 07, 2004

agent GiGi reporting back...

We had beautiful weather for the arts and crafts fair this weekend. Sales were not great, but I had lots of people, including a woman who used to have two shops and judged crafts, tell me I needed to be in a better venue--and that I am severely underpricing my work. I got lots of ego-boosting, but also a lot of "what the hell?" looks from folks who were buying deely-bobbers and airplanes made out of Co*ke I think I might have outgrown the fair a pricepoints are too high for that particular fair at this point.

But I don't regret it...I got lots of important contacts for better venues and good feedback. I made my fees back plus a little wad to help pay for the fairs in the fall which are juried very selectively. You gotta start somewhere.

I could go on, but I'm too tired to even think. I will post a couple of pics tonight.Thanks for all the wonderful support and good wishes. It really makes a difference! Happy Monday.


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