Thursday, June 24, 2004

everyone is seeing red...

I am ready for this week to end. Sadie is having minor surgery today to remove some terribly ugly growths on her leg and chin...she is Miss Moley...the older she gets the more skin tags, moles and growths she gets. The growth on her leg, which looked like a little midget brain (ew!) will have to be sent to the lab and analyzed. Poor baby! She will be coddled like the little princess she is when I pick her up after work.

Today we get a red chair. I took advantage of a no finance charge for a year deal and got a chair for our living room. I never used to like red things, but I've suddenly become quite fond of the color. I don't know why. Maybe I'm in touch with my anger these days...

...which brings me to the fight I had yesterday with my older, and only, brother. His blood sugar has been skyrocketing over 300 and he hasn't been doing anything about it. I read him the riot act, which made him none too happy. His wife is dangerously obese (and has major health problems as a result) so in an email I sent to his WORK address detailing the dangers of diabetes, I said "I know X doesn't take care of herself, but you don't have to go down that path..." Well, little did I know, she has access to, and READS, his work email. The subject line was "hello bro!" Would you read an email that was obviously meant as a personal message?

Anyway, she is never going to speak to me again and my brother is livid because I upset her so badly. He left an angry message on my work voice mail and when I called him back I just let it all fly, which has caused a rift that may never be repaired. He is an absolute slave to his wife, who does need more care and help than most (which is ok), but I also see that the marriage ONLY revolves around her and her needs and never anything pertaining to HIM. That upsets me and makes me angry--so I told him all that. And I probably lost a brother in the process. So, I've been really upset over all this crap. I did sent an apologetic email to them both and related to X that I do NOT care about appearances, but I am concerned about her health--and its impact on my brother. And that's true. I don't care if she weighs 3,000 pounds or even a metric TON--as long as my brother has a good life with her, then so what?

Sigh. Going back on bloggie vacation (yeah, right).


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