Thursday, June 03, 2004


And that is a very accurate picture of how I'm feeling. in mush-brained. That's ok. This weekend will go okay and hopefully people will buy some stuff. I still vascillate day-to-day on what to do about school.

I feel like I left the impression that I was deciding between being a part-time artist or a full-time artist, but that's not really the case. The decision is between a) working full-time, doing internship and taking classes (and having no time for art for nearly a year), or b) working full-time, quitting school and spending more time with my art (but giving up a possible career change).

I think I have to be around people part of the time, so I will always work for the man (at least part-time). I would go Van Gogh-mad if I were left to my own devices in a studio full-time. There's also the consideration that I am the insurance carrier in the family. Hubby works for a small company that offers no benefits.

You would think I could just wait a year to resume my artistic endeavors, but I when I think about the possibility, it's like a child is being ripped from my bosom. And I'm not being feels that bad. I have so many ideas and I'm just getting started.

Bah! Bah! Bah! No wonder artists go nuts and chop off their ears. Okay no more whining...and probably no more blogging until after the weekend is over. I'll check in then. Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend everyone. Thanks again for all the supportive comments--they were very much appreciated. *smooch!*


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