Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hostel--The Video Game

Anyone going to see the latest shock-gore, Hostel? I think I'll pass. A plot with gore is one thing, but just a bunch of realistic-looking torture with horrific scenes of terrorized people...gosh, well, wait a minute...what's not to love? Especially for someone like me who's healing up a six-inch incision.

I say big fucking deal. You know why? Because kids (chronologically and not) are playing this shit on their computers and X-NumbBoxes every day. How many times do psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, religious leaders, street vendors and bus drivers have to say "you keep packing that shit in; pretty soon you're going to start smelling like it..." Except you can't smell it. You can't smell it because you've been desensitized to your own shit. So we continue and continue to become more and more desensitized to violence when it is portrayed in a gratuitous way. Let's feast on our most rotten of meats...the desire to harm, the will to kill, the curiosities of mad men full of rage and fucked up motivations.

Don't get me wrong, I used to be a horror movie buff, but when everyone started leaving out the plot and leaving out the mystery, I got bored and disgusted--and with this one just plain disturbed. I think the horror movie industry officially "jumped the shark" when Friday the 13th debuted.

No there's no Hostel game yet, but I'm quite sure its on the drawing board.

Personally, I have enough of a life to avoid such useless garbage.

Of course, I might feel differently tomorrow.

Sometimes I change my mind.

Sometimes I don't.


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