Friday, January 06, 2006


I reckon' I got my dander all up and prickly yesterday. I got so mad because I wanted to get a preview of this movie to see how bad/good it might be. After watching a couple of clips, I got all putrid on your asses. I just get frustrated with the destructive nature of society. There's enough suffering to go around for everyone.


It won't be long until we sell Daddy's place (probably later this month). That is going to be uber painful. Daddy cleared the land himself, built the house himself (almost single-handedly) and cleared the trails in the wooded acreage all by himself. There's a small grove of apple and pear trees, a thicket of blackberry bushes and grapes on a trellis. His little kitty, the original Peanut, is buried in the wooded area behind the house and Daddy himself died in those woods.

It will be hard to let it all go. It will be hard.

I'm reading a very interesting book by James Frey entitled A Million Little Pieces. It's giving me a unique look into the life of a young man who became an addict. I would consider it a must read for anyone who wants to be in the therapeutic field.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a gratuitous kitty cat picture--this is what recovery looks like at my house:


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