Tuesday, January 31, 2006

peep show...

I'm still here, peeking around the corner from time to time. My first day back to work was yesterday and I was sore and exhausted by the end of the day. Sitting doubled up at a computer all day doesn't do wonders for post-hysterectomy pieces and parts. Today I'm really trying to ignore the fatigue.

Sadie is still with us but she seems to be going downhill a bit. Her belly is getting swollen with fluid again and sometimes she gives me a look like she is frightened. It tears my heart out. Overall, though, she's not in pain and her discomfort seems to be minimal, so as long as she's in good spirits and being mischievious we'll hang on.

Right before I came back to work I got a new car. I was close to the end of my lease on my Acc0rd and was ready to trade and purchase this time. After much research over the past few months I decided on a Mini C00per and am extremely happy with it. Believe it or not it's roomy inside and quirky as hell--just like its quirky little driver.

Thursday we make the sale of Daddy's property and house. :-( I hope I get through that with out breaking down in front of everyone.

I'm easing into my internship as well. I think this semester will be better than the last one as far as pressure and flexibility in hours. I'll get to work on the weekend some which will help a lot.

Well, that's the scoop for now--there ain't much of it, but I've been seriously neglecting the bloggie world lately. Hope everyone is okay. :-)


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