Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I'm trying not to whine...

This paper is driving me insane. I see a round hole, I pick up a square peg. So what if I had to nibble off the corners in a fit of insanity? It fits, right? Peg wood is roughage, right? Kind of like when you get a bug in your teeth. That's protein.

This is one rotten paper. It's worse than my high school school paper comparing two books, for which I read one. Yes, I will burn in literary hell forever while Dorothy Sayers tortures me with papercuts made with the pages of that unread book.

That's what happens when you insist square pegs go into round holes. You get bugs in your teeth and toothpicks in your stomach.

And, for God's sake, will someone stop me from blogging multiple times a day?!!


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