Wednesday, April 14, 2004

important scientific breakthrough...

I have found that my anxiety level has a positive relationship to the number of blog entries I produce. The more anxious I am about a project or some other tasty morsel of impending doom deserving due procrastination (did you get that play on words?), the more I write. I've figured out that blogging is the equivalent of pinching myself to make sure I am still here and capable of the most sophisticated form of avoidance known to man. If other people are reading this, then I must STILL be ALIVE and successfully procrastinating! Either that or we're all burning in hell together and making friends while we fashionably fry.

That's a good thing. To be alive, I mean.

I am nearing, dare I say it, a WEEK of v...a...c...a...t...i...o...n... Right after the semester is over. And this pudgy little gal ain't doin' nuttin' except making arty farty fun things, ingesting food and drink that are plastered with warning labels and happily playing with the dogs and cats. The only thing between me and paradise is a final exam (well, and work). The idea of just hanging out makes me swoon.

I might even buy some fancy underwear for the occasion. You know, the kind that doesn't come in a six-pack.


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