Monday, April 19, 2004

paranoia sucks...

Like the song goes, para-noi-ya will de-stroy ya. I had a community activism workshop to go to Friday afternoon, so I had to take off early Friday. Still haunted by the red pen dashing through my paper Wednesday night, I was compelled to ask my instructor about my paper. She didn't seem to remember so she said "let's go look, I have them with me." She said she had glanced at it the night before. As I watched her flip through, I didn't see any red ink. NO red ink. It wasn't my paper upon which she had unleashed her wrath. Hmm. She said it looked fine and it was okay I had written it on my own. Sheesh, all that worryin' for nuttin'.

This past weekend you may have noticed I didn't peck out nary a word on the blog. That's because it was one of the most beautiful, warm spring weekends I can remember. Temperatures were between 75-80 and every dogwood and apple tree was bursting with blooms. I worked in the yard and planted arugula, sage, tarragon and cilantro in the herb garden. I also transplanted a ton of peppermint to a new area. I wish someone had told me that peppermint is the herb of satan. It is EVERYWHERE. When I went to bed Saturday night I saw PEPPERMINT when I closed my eyes. Kudzu doesn't hold a candle to that stuff.

I also knitted and felted a bit. Unfortunately my three hours of knitting has to be ripped because the damn pattern was wrong. Experienced knitters see these things before a great amount of energy is spent. We perpetual beginners blindly follow the pattern and then are put upon to invent new curse words when we finally figure out we just tortured our tendons for no good reason. Rip!

Happy Monday!


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