Thursday, October 28, 2004


That's right, the title means nothing. Move along, there's nothing to see here.

I had EVERY intention of taking photos last night, but hubby and I wound up at the bookstore and I didn't get around to it. We always laugh when I go to the bookstore because it makes me go to the bathroom. Bookstores apparently change my body chemistry and I have to go poo within 15 minutes of arriving. Seriously. Creative supply stores do the same thing to me. Yes, I'm aware you didn't need to know that mental stimuli causes craptacular-itis in me, but I think it's so odd I had to share. Given the frequency of my visits to said stimulating places, I am one lucky unconstipated woman.

Speaking of nastiness, my lovely little nieces are coming over this Saturday to make Halloween yuckies like "boogers on a stick" and "puke stew." It should be fun. We don't have them over often enough.

I'm going to cast on for Klaralund Friday night. Hubby is going to a local football game so I'm footloose and fiber-infested for the entire evening. I also have some felting projects to get going...

Which reminds me, I just signed up for probably the most exciting workshop I'll take in 2005--advanced felt hatmaking with Beth Beede. She is the teacher of the person who taught me and she travels internationally sharing her techniques. I am seriously excited about it. If you are a felter, check out the class. It's being held at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. I've been there before and really loved it.

Well, I've flurble-goinked enough for my dad says, "See you in the funny papers."


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